“When women succeed, nations are more safe, secure and prosperous.”
– Barack Obama, 44th President of the USA


  • What is Women Empowerment?

Nowadays, opportunities to access to education, job position or improving a standard of life are more limited for women in some areas or for some social grounds   than for men. Women are more likely to suffer from poverty, miseducation, stereotypes, inequalities (of all kind: social, economic,…) and discrimination. Women Empowerment aims to raise their voice and to elevate the status of women through education,  awareness, self-help and training.


  • Women in numbers worldwide

- Number of women without education  : 62 million   


- Number of Illiterates women : 500 million    

  • Why supporting and empowering women is important to us?



Women Empowerment not only benefits Women,  it also benefits to businesses, communities, groups and even countries. That is why it is essential to implement programs and promoting the notion of women empowerment in political and social contexts.

As societies are concerned about human rights and development, Women Empowerment should be considered for a better use of humans as a resource (both qualitatively and quantitatively). Achieving gender equality is crucial for the sustainable development of a society.

  • United Nations  Women and Men Empowerment principles

  • Children Empowerment


Children Empowerment begins with education and more specifically about gender equality, respect and equal opportunities all around the planet. Therefore, in empowering children, we obviously make the adults of tomorrow and consequently one of our commitments is to develop it conjunctly with women empowerment. 

It is in impacting  the future generations that we will be able to make the change.

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