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Women Who Inspire: the collaborative Book

Updated: May 11, 2021

Women Who Inspire is a collaborative book that brings powerful stories from 26 inspiring women from 7 countries to provide a dose of motivation and inspiration. With 19 authors from the UAE, 2 from KSA, 2 from Kuwait, and 1 from Sweden, Canada, Australia and Holland, Thailand , the stories are personal, uplifting and cover diverse life experiences ranging from achievements in the business world, leadership in specific topics, motherhood, overcoming critical illnesses and surviving traumas. Every chapter has its own nugget of wisdom told by a woman who had lived first hand a specific experience. Women Who Inspire does live by its title, so join the inspiration journey.

MENA Speakers invited 26 women from or with an affiliation to the MENA region to co-Author a book titled: Women Who Inspire. The purpose is to share inspiring journeys from the authors’ lives ranging from career to personal life matters. The book will be published in March 2021 and will be sold on Amazon, Jamalon and other digital platforms. It will also be available in the book fairs happening in the MENA region.

This is the second book published by Experts Market and MENA Speakers. Their earlier book previously: “Your Dose of Motivation” published in 2019 did indeed provide a much needed dose in these complex times.

Meet all the authors here:


To order the book : contact us @ contact@trad-corp.com

Note that the book will also be available in Book Fair in Asia and Carnet d'Asie Library at Alliance Française.

About MENA Speakers

MENA Speakers is the leading speaker bureau specialized in providing intellectual voices and experts to advise management teams and speak at conferences. Experts Market, is the first online marketplace for experts and speakers.

Contact us for further information: contact@trad-corp.com

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