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Trad &Corp assists 'Hogar Azul Wasi' in Peru , Cusco region during the pandemic

Trad&Corp has had the immense pleasure to provide assistance to the ''Chicos'' of Azul Wasi in this month of July 2021, closer than ever to this community in Peru, Oropesa, Cusco region, and surely close to our heart.

This is a deep pleasure that we have raised enough funds to provide clothing and shoes to the orphanage.

The children will be able to enjoy enough food also, and school supplies. Since July 2019, TRad&Corp has been in touch with this orphanage and supported the growth of those kids through volunteering and in supporting the need of basics : food,clothing and school supplies.

Further, it was a deep pleasure to connect again with Alcides the owner of the orphanage, and check out on the situation during the ongoing pandemic.

Alcides would like also to welcome more young girls in the orphanage moving forward. Government funds are also raised from time to time, but most important the orphanage is alive thanks to the support of philanthropists and volunteers.

Changing the life of a child is a promise of a better world , a better future...:), please check out on the links below and support such great initiative.

Here is the link below to the website orphanage :


For donations , please follow the link : https://azulwasi.wordpress.com/donaciones/

Thank you in advance for those kids.

Wishing you a great summer,


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