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Press Release ''She Dares'' Book

She Dares is a collaborative book of powerful stories from 37 inspiring women from 9 countries around the globe with 27 authors from the UAE, 5 from KSA, and 1 from Argentina, Netherlands, Canada, Bahrain, Thailand, and Jordan. The stories of our authors are personal, uplifting with diverse life experiences ranging from achievements and success in the business world, overcoming critical illnesses and surviving traumas. Every chapter has its own nugget of wisdom told by a woman who had lived first hand a specific experience.

She Dares does live by its title, so join the daring journey of our daring authors. MENA Speakers with 37 women authors is pre-launched the book at Swedish Pavilion, Dubai Expo 2020 on Friday, 19th November 2021. The book will be out for commercial purchase by end of November 2021 and will be sold on Amazon, Jamalon, Google play and some other digital platforms. It will also be available in the book fairs happening in various regions. Our previously published book is titled: “Women who inspire” published in 2020 uplifted 27 stories of women who has shared their experience from learning. Meet all the authors here: https://www.menawomenspeakers.com/she-dares

Please contact us for pre-booking or more information @

Contact us: contact.educazia@gmail.com +990069231

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