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Merry Christmas and Best wishes

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Dear Partners, colleagues and clients.

At Trad&Corp, this year has been so particular for so many reasons.

At first, we would like to envisage Covid-19 and its consequences differently, not

occupying our minds in a negative way. How about to look into it in a positive way ?

For us, being grateful is part of the process to appreciate and continue our lives,

counting on the lessons we have learned to move on with more wisdom.

Therefore, this year we are grateful for the people we have met and helped us to

grow, for the experiences that made us grow personally and professionally or enjoying

even more the present moment and our loved ones. Plus, more than ever, we want to

cherish human relationships, expertise, and creativity – just like in our core values. We

want to remember 2020 not like a failure but a “renouveau” – of what really matters

and be grateful for having what we have.

For 2021, we want to continue in the path of growth and learning from what challenge


Trad&Corp wishes you, employees, colleagues, partners, customers the same and

hopes that accomplishment will also be part of the next year.

Let us all make 2021 an even better year !

Merry Christmas and Best wishes , Happy New Year!

Trad&Corp team.

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