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Breast Self Examination

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

As a company committed to the cause of women, at Trad&Corp we believe that this platform is just as important for the sharing of information relating to the safety of women. Their security concerns not only the professional domain but also the personal domain. This is why this week we want to talk to you about a subject that we think is sometimes lacking in visibility: Breast Self Examination, is a set of gestures that allow you to better understand your breasts in order to be able to detect any abnormalities, such as breast cancer. Start breast self examination from the age of twenty on a monthly basis.

Breast Cancer is a common cancer frequently found in Women. It is difficult to prevent this disease. Therefore, the detection of abnormalities in the early stages, before spreading to other bodily tissues, give us a better chance to treat and cure the illness.

Breast Observation

In front of a mirror, palms together above the head, then hands on the hips, start by studying the area going from the collarbone to the breasts.

This will familiarize you with this area of ​​your body and be able to notice any changes from month to month. Put a remember in your agenda so you can think about it once every month at the same date -out of your menstruation period.

Things to observe when you are in front of the mirror and see if you notice any of the following signs, consult with your doctor immediately for further examinations:

The skin: - An orange peel appearance - Change in color, redness or feeling hot - Formation of dimples, hollows or folds - Thickening or retraction of the skin - Ulceration or wound - More visible veins

The breast: - Onset of pain - Deformation, visible or invisible bump - Inflammation of the breast or arm - Change in size or shape of the breast - Increase in lymph nodes in the armpit and neck

The nipples: - Change in appearance, retraction, deviation or inversion - Flow - Appearance of eczema or ulceration

Breast Self-Palpation

Seated in a comfortable position, with your arm raised and your hand resting on the scapula, firmly palpate the area that extends from the armpit to the breast using the middle three fingers of the opposite hand.

Some women prefer to self-examine in the shower, while lying down, or with cream to facilitate movement.

The purpose of the exercise is to notice the appearance of changes, including lumps or pain. There are three methods: circular, linear and quarterly.


Palpate the breast using circular motions from the top of the armpit to the base of the breast.


Move your fingers from the top of the armpit to the base of the breast, making vertical lines. When the segment is complete, shift your hand slightly and perform the same movement, this time from the bottom to the top.

By quarters:

Feel your breast starting at the outer edge, up to the nipple, repeating the movement so that the entire area is covered. Continue the operation by examining the upper area from your armpit to your chest.

Then, bring your arm back to your side and feel the armpit for any nodules that may have formed along the vessels and lymph nodes.

Regardless of the technique used, the self-examination should end with the nipple, which is gently squeezed to verify that no discharge is occurring.

Other methods

To detect breast cancer at an early stage, other methods are used:

1) Examination by medical experts

As the self-examination, getting a examination by a doctor is as much as important and should also Start from the age of twenty on a 2-3 years basis.

2) Mammography

This method takes x-ray of the breast. Therefor, women between 40 and 50 years old, who are in the high risk group for breast cancer, should get examination every 1-2 years.

3) Ultrasound of the breast

Combining mammogram with ultrasound is applied for examining and diagnosing breast cancer which is suitable for pregnant women, small breast or women during their childbearing period.

Sources: Quebec Foundation for Breast Cancer, Samitivej Hospital

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