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The pharmaceutical industry is the economic sector which groups together the research, manufacturing and marketing activities of drugs for human or veterinary medicine. It is the sixth largest economic market in the world. This activity is carried out by pharmaceutical laboratories and biotechnology companies.

Now-a-days, the pharmaceutical industry is living an unprecedented crisis and facing time process for registration or permits in a fast-changing environment. 



The agro-food industry is the set of industrial activities that transform food production from agriculture or fishing into industrial foods intended primarily for human consumption.

It includes:

  • manufacturers of agricultural equipment (e.g. tractor, combine harvester);

  • manufacturers of inputs (e.g. fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides);

  • seed producers.



Retail trade is the commercial activity carried out for the final consumer and which most often consists of selling a good in the region/country in which it was purchased.


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The Healthcare Industry is comprised of companies that offer clinical services, manufacture drugs and medical equipment, and provide healthcare-related support services like medical insurance.



The chemical industry is the industrial sector whose activity consists in manufacturing products by controlled chemical synthesis. This sector includes among others petrochemicals, phytosanitary chemistry, the pharmaceutical industry, the manufacture of polymers, paints and oleochemistry. This industry is of the process type. The chemical industry manufactures both basic chemicals, intermediate chemicals and finished products.



The sectors of activity concerned are: aeronautics, space, defense, automotive, energy equipment, electrical, electronics, digital and IT, rail, mechanics, metallurgy, naval.

The technology industry is behind everything that rolls, floats or flies ... But also behind electronic components, ever more miniaturized to develop increasingly powerful home or portable devices. Every day, women and men of the industry innovate to anticipate and meet the needs of society. They invent the products that will be part of our daily lives tomorrow, imagine solutions to use ever less raw materials and develop new resources (wind power, photovoltaics, renewable marine energy, etc.).