• More than a trend


Caring for the environment is not a question of fashion or current trends. Our commitment to our planet goes beyond the professional world because it is just as important in the personal sphere that we work daily in favor of the environment. We have come to realize that not only it is that necessary, but also it is becoming evident that if we do not change some of our habits, it will become more and more difficult to live healthily in the future.


“The climate crisis has already been solved. We already have all the facts and solutions. All we have to do is to wake up and change”

Greta Thunberg 


  • Concrete Actions


There are so many ways to live more sustainably at home or at work. For this we need to create new habits but if it does not happen overnight. Little by little, start with “simple gestures” such as refusing a plastic straw to accompany your shopping or regularly emptying your mailbox and sorting it out. Then, after that can be habits to integrate such as recycling at home and at the office.


Trad&Corp is involved in many ways in acting for the Environment. 


Firstly, we inform and communicate about the importance of managing businesses through a more conscious way and caring for the environment. The more you get informed, the more you will act consciously.


Communicate about innovative brands or concepts, sharing stories around the globe through our BLOG[Office1] articles, or also educate our partners, our employees and our clients about the environment.


Secondly, we collaborate with sustainable and environment-friendly brands. After all, the world need to get greener, so why not following the eco-friendly brands? ​