• Community “Toolgether”, what is it?

One of our commitment is to build together a community with our partners,colleagues, customers and much more people. The very essence of a community is a common interest. At Trad&Corp, we strongly believe that we can help each other in order to enhance growth. That is why this community is a way to support each other Companies or projects in a common objective to create Win-Win opportunities for everyone.


You can also share with us interesting histories that warm us, and make everyone grow. We will also share useful business tools to support your continuous growth. 

  • ​ How will you benefit Toolgether?


​Every member of this community shall be able to communicate on their projects and initiatives known and thus develop thanks to our international network.

Being part of our community means sharing knowledge,tools and wanting to move forward and grow together successfully.  

Toolgether promotes individual voices as well and their desire to grow. This sharing network is free and based on cooperation and mutual agreements.

With Toolgether, you will find contact all around the world, a supportive network and visibility in each others’ websites, especially in Trad&Corp one.

  • How to participate?


You have a project/company that needs visibility, looks for support? Joining Toolgether community attracts you? Send us an e-mail @ contact@trad-corp.com with a short Bio, a description and we will contact you back as soon as possible.



Thanks for your participation,

Stay Tuned!

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